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Abraham Lincoln, by Kimmy, Fifth Grade Student in Mrs. Alexander's class at Normandie Avenue School in Los Angeles.

The Smithsonian Associates Civil War E-Mail Newsletter, Volume 6, Number 9

Do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Abraham Lincoln was a very generous person. He was against slavery. People didn't like him because of that. I think that Abraham Lincoln is my hero. Abraham Lincoln was my hero because he stopped slavery. I think that slavery was wrong because people shouldn't judge other people by the color of their skin. What Abraham Lincoln did was very good. If it wasn't for Abraham Lincoln we wouldn't be here telling you about him.

Right now I will tell you some fast facts about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12, 1809, in Nolin Creek, Hodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin. The bad news is that Abraham Lincoln died in April 15, 1865, at Peterson's Boarding House in Washington D.C. Isn't that sad because nobody needed a good reason to kill Abraham Lincoln. His wife was like the most affected of Abraham Lincoln's death. Would you be sad if you were part of his family? I would because he was very sweet even though I didn't get to meet him.

Abraham Lincoln had a complete family. He had four children. They were Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, and Thomas "Tad" Lincoln. His wife was Mary Todd Lincoln. I told you guys that he had a complete family.

Let's talk about Abraham Lincoln's death. I know it's sad but it's worth it. Abraham Lincoln died in Peterson's Boarding House While after attending a play. The actor John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln right after Abraham Lincoln won the war. He was buried in Oak Ridge Cementery, Springfield, ILL. Later grave robbers tried to steal Abraham Lincoln's body.

Abraham Lincoln also had a lot of careers. He was a farm hand, boatman, store clerk, lawyer, postmaster, deputy surveyer, member of Illinois General Assembly, member of the House of Representatives and the President of the United States. The career he was really good at was being a lawyer. But the job I liked the most was when he was a President. Those are all the jobs Abraham Lincoln did.

Abraham Lincoln also had a few nicknames. They were "Honest Abe", "Illinois Rail Splitter" and "Great Emancipater". I think that those are cool nicknames. My nickname is Kimmy. I think that nicknames are important to life.

That's all I have to say about Abraham Lincoln.